Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Amrutotsavam 60, the Matha Amrutanandamai's 60th birth anniversary

The great Hindu monk Mata Amritanandamai Devi's 60th Birth Anniversary was held at Amritapuri, Kollam District, Kerala, India on 2013 September 26,27. All around the world the devotees of amma was came to this event. It means that the world will accept the great thought of Hinduism on their hearts. They are understanding and take in their hearts that the love, affection, peace, ideology of the ancient Bharat’s Hindu thoughts. All other Semitic religions were spread all around the fear, riots, bomb attacks etc. But Bharat (India) stands for the peace of the whole world. Hinduism gave full freedom for thinking. There is no restriction for anybodies vision. It speaks and consider as the whole world is a family. So it is a future ideology for the human being. It provide peace (Santhi), love, affection, broad mind, mercy, etc.  See the wonderful, touching photos of the Amritanandapuri (India). The big event was inaugurated by the great Hindutva leader Sri. Narendra Modi (Chief Minister of Gujarat). The event was named as AMrutotsavam 60.
The photos are taken by Sudhir Neerattupuram

Kummanam Rajashekaran in Amrutapuri

Mananeeya P. Parameswaran

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